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About Us

About Us

Myschoolmylogin is a part of Breezen Technologies which serves schools across India. It is meant to fulfil all the school needs with a single point of contact. The company is headquartered in Nagercoil and have offices in Tuticorin and Madurai. Our online software has the proven record of providing the highest quality in information management systems and services to meet the demand of schools today. Our SMS service helps the parents to know the school happenings in a timely manner. We provide quality school uniforms, bags, etc in a very competitive pricing. Myschoolmylogin is currently serving more than 50,000 students and parents.



Managing Director

Dr.Sujin Jekash Simson is the Managing Director of Breezen Technologies. He has significant experience in building effective organizations and strategically aligning corporate efforts, with a strong emphasis on business development. He has received various awards including Nakshatra Achiever Award -2015 from the Tamilnadu Government's Chief Educational Officer of Kanyakumari District Dr. Radhakrishnan.

Sujin also serves as the CEO & Founder of a leading healthcare BPO Medryte Healthcare Solutions Pvt.,Ltd and as the Managing Director of a USA made nutritional supplement and skincare product company Total Activation Private Limited.


Dr.Priya Sujin is the Director of the Company. She works hard with her husband, plan well and they both position their products and services as a preferred one for schools due to quality and consistency. Together with Sujin Jekash she monitors the day-to-day running of the business and ensures smooth progress.

Priya takes the responsibility of ensuring continual growth of the capabilities, achieving greater excellence in delivery models with quality and effective initiatives and processes.