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Virtual Classroom


How Can We Help Schools?

Owing to the global pandemic COVID-19, the whole world is in a massive lockdown for the past 30 days and we are not even sure of when this crisis would end, bringing back the normal routine life. Due to the shutdown of schools, the most affected student community are the ambitious 10th class students who had to face a great deal of consequences in future, if the classes and lessons aren’t resumed soon.

Analysing the current alarming situation of schools and students, Breezen Technologies had added up this amazing option of “Virtual classroom” in their in-built software “MySchoolMyLogin” which is

already a gifted boon for many schools across India. In this COVID-19 lockdown, the students from 10th & 12th classes are missing their important lessons, tests, assessments, weekly schedules and so on, because of which there would be so much of discontinuity and disruption from the flow of syllabus. Here is where we help you!


We help schools to continue teaching students online while the teachers and students stay at home. Schools can schedule their online timetable, say for instance, one hour for each class and teacher for different days and send it to the students via SMS. And this facility helps in virtually connecting the teacher with all students at a time, thus creating a virtual classroom in that particular scheduled time, when the teacher can teach, check out their performance, help them clear their doubts and literally do anything that a teacher would otherwise do in a real classroom.

Specifications of MySchoolMyLogin Virtual Classroom

MySchoolMyLogin Virtual Classrooms, is a “learn from home” facility for students just like employees of companies are into “work from home” mode.

To put it in simple words, the teacher can teach from home and the students can learn from home, which is indeed a win-win for both sides. Some of the salient features of the virtual classroom option in the “MySchoolMyLogin” are as follows.

  • Regular online tests and evaluation can be conducted
  • Pre-scheduled classes for each subject
  • Teacher as the presenter
  • Students as attendees
  • Interactive sessions between the teacher and students
  • Easily accessible and connectivity via mobile, laptop, desktop, tablet or ipad.
  • Myriad of benefits like chat room, video conferencing, share notes and many more



So, this facility is undoubtedly a great way and opportunity for schools to work uninterruptedly amidst this COVID-19 crisis, thereby providing well-planned home engagement modules and online classes for 10th and 12th students. Breezen technologies believe that, its during the most challenging situations is what we have to push harder and work more , which had resulted in this new facility in “MySchoolMyLogin” software for ensuring quality remote learning.

Easy to Use

MySchoolMyLogin Virtual Classroom is a friendly user application. No special training is required. You can just login and enter into your school online classroom and see the scheduled classes. Just click and join the schedule classroom. All the teachers and students will receive a SMS alert 30 minutes before a class starts. If an online session is cancelled by a teacher, the school management will receive an alert and they can reschedule the class. Need an uninterrupted 4G data connection for a seamless virtual classroom.


Features and Tools

  • Join instantly without going through a download or installation
  • Connect to the audio conference using your mobile/computer’s mic
  • View shared webcams and share your own.
  • View the presenter's shared screen, and share your own screen.
  • Mute and unmute yourself, and see which attendees are speaking
  • Send chat messages to other attendees (either privately or to everyone)

Taking Notes

Take notes directly within MySchoolMyLogin Virtual Classroom. Notes will automatically save and can be shared out in an instant after the meeting is over.


Drawing Tool

Mark your work, or draw right on your screen, and then share with your students or vice versa.


Data Security

  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption
  • AES-256 Bit Encryption
  • SOC2 Certified Data Centers

Supported Devices


Mobile Phone






Tablet PC



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